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skimA /ˈskiː.mə/ refers to ‘schema’; the word comes from the Greek word "σχήμα" (skhēma) which means shape, or more generally, plan.



skimA was founded by Sejin Kim upon his return to Korea in 2014 in order to explore how design is able to respond to the challenges of building low-energy and integrate sustainable environmental architecture as well as structural design as a methodology into the architectural design process. Through the process, skimA aims to create inspirational buildings that efficiently function and well respond to environment. skimA provides architectural design and consulting services leading to spatial solutions for design environments, brand, identity, exhibition/installation, interiors, exteriors & buildings for new construction or refurbishment.



Principal / BEng  AA Dipl.  SBA  LEED AP  ARB  RIBA

skimA (스키마) 대표 / 영국왕립건축사 / 서울시 공공건축가 / 고려대학교 겸임교수


Sejin Kim is the founding principal of skimA. He previously worked at Foster + Partners, London as an Associate. Sejin Kim experienced on the diverse range of projects across the world mainly focusing on the external facade design, and was responsible for several international projects and competitions for over 8 years. Sejin Kim graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture with AA Diploma in London and he also received a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture from Kyung Hee University in Korea. Sejin Kim is a chartered architect of RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects). He is currently teaching Structural Design & Architectural Design Studio at Korea University.


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