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Architectural Design Studio 4  2015

Fall Semester, Department of Architecture at Korea University

(team-teaching with Kyoung Eun Kwon)


Topic: Alternative Form of Housing

Site: Bomundong 1Ga 60 - 28 area, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul



As supply and sales centred housing policies proved to be no longer valid, real estate and apartment related policies, which had previously been established with the former model of economic growth, became subject to change. As terms like ‘housing refugees’ and ‘house poor’ emerged throughout society, Seoul Metropolitan Government adopted policies encouraging the establishment of cooperative unions, subsidizing new alternative forms of housing, and striving to spread social housing as a form of private sector rental housing. What kind of architectural experiments and residential forms do architects suggest in the face of such change? Demand for homes with unique designs have increased, in contrast to uniform apartments, and in accordance with this, shared housing enforcing the idea of community have emerged. This feature will diagnose the possibilities and limits, as well as current status of cooperative union houses, social houses and shared houses.

(Quoted from Space magazine)


Course Objectives

1. Students to carefully look at the demand for an alternative form of housing & changes currently driven by society as well as Seoul Metropolitan Government.

2. Students to study what kind of architectural experiments and residential forms do in the face of such change.

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