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A room to 5 rooms

BBP 'Aging Dragons' Exhibition Design @ Seoul City Hall, 2015


A room to 5 rooms

The exhibition design for ‘Ageing dragons: HongKong, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo’ takes the idea from its exhibition with 5 different cities. Each partitioned space is turned into a room by additional room in the middle where you will be forced to come back to this intermediate room which is made of a series of free standing frames supported by elevated walls .Away from linear approach, Room to room works as a breathing space which gives you an overview as well as uniqueness of each city’s exhibit.


Project: A room to 5 rooms - Exhibition Design for Aging Dragons
Client: BBP sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government
Type: Exhibition Design
Size: 240 sqm
Location: Seoul City Hall, Korea
Architect: skimA
Date: Mar 2015
Status: Completed

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