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Commercial Building  - CONCEPT DESIGN PROPOSAL

Concept Design proposal for the 5 storey-commercial building on Apgujeong-ro which is one of famous streets in Gangnam district for high-end flagship stores mixed with others built in the 1980s.


Most common building type except residential is '근생'(Neighborhood Facilities) building which is commercial renting building for small, medium size shops, offices, clinics, etc. After analysis of changing trends from 80's punched window, 90's spandrel window, and 20's full glazed window, we try deviating from these typical typologies and propose a gradational grid for elegance while keeping the efficiency for the profitability.



In consideration of the gap between Building Coverage Ratio and Floor Area Ratio which is not able to get same floor plate for 5 levels, we propose an inverted CASCADING massing approach for maximizing interactive lower levels with external spaces & maximizing internal floor area for higher levels in opposition to the conventional stacking floors buildings. By this, street levels are more actively used for ground level shops as well as public with arcade space and also a public open space together with a garden on the back side.



Rather than a single face, we propose the depth of facade with a gradational grid pattern which represents a diagram of force. It draws a breakdown of the scale with density control that allows more spacing at ground level and it turns as a louver at upper levels. The concrete grid facade works as a structure to provide a column-free internal floor space as well as the depth of facade externally. 


This skeleton stands out with a slender cascading feature in an elegant manner.

Project: CASCADE 150
Client: Private
Type:  Commissioned
Location: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Use: Commercial

Gross Floor Area: 2,000㎡
Architect: skimA

Date: Apr-Jun 2020
Status: Concept Design Proposal / unbuilt

Team: Sejin Kim, Yunseon Cho, Sedo Jang

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