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International Design Competition for Library; SONGDO International City, South Korea - PROPOSAL


The proposal for the ‘Library of SONGDO International City’ aims at creation of treasure as a symbolic building of the region which can play the role of the ‘central library’ and ‘future-oriented library’. The design of proposal reflects the traditional form and purpose of library and inverts its concept as de-centralizing based on the changes of library functions as well as expanding outwards to make a strong relationship with surrounding green and parks.



Library, in cubic form, sits in north side to maximize external landscape area within the site which can be provided to users, residents, neighbors, and the city as a large ‘Park’ in conjunction with a Buffer Green area and Golf Course. External hardscape space running into the library building provides flexible and partially covered area for presenting diverse outdoor events. Radial arrangement of external landscape is an integrated way with the planning layout of the library that expanding from the center of library to the external landscape create a uniformed perspective geometrically and visually. Also, Children’s material rooms are located on the ground level surrounded by trees where children can enjoy outdoor activities with visual and physical protection. There are multiple library accesses from both Convensia St. nearby Neighborhood public facility (pre-arranged) and Academy St. together with a freely flow in the external spaces.



Today’s library is now changed its role as ‘People’ oriented place of information communication. New purpose of library is more multi-functional with cultural and art as the public platform. Future library is no longer a place for searching books but a place to go for diverse programs and space where relationship with external and view is more appreciated than internally focused solemn library. By reflecting on the changes, architectural design starting from the concept of inversion as de-centralizing center with radial expanding outwards while radial layout planning provides a spatial experience of spinning around 4 levels with intersecting external spaces as well as central cylinder space combined vertical circulations and lightwells with interlinked programs. Radial expansion arrangement is cased by rectangular external louver system to create a dynamic intersection of two geometries circular and rectangular.



External louver system is applied all around 4 elevations with various density of spacing associated with internal programs and uses. The angle of each louver follows the inside radial geometry which harmonize internal planning with external façade. By that, the internal radial layout is projected into the façade in the manner of spreading. External Louver provides a maximum transparency in relation with surrounding green and park and, also, works as shading device allowing a comfortable internal environment. External Louver is cladded with a bronze material which gives a remarkable scenery and richness as a treasure of International city SONGDO.

Project: International Design Competition for Library; SONGDO International City, S.Korea
Client: Yeonsu-gu office, Incheon-si, S.Korea
국제설계공모 / International Design Competition
Location: 115-2, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon (in Songdo International City), S.Korea

Use: Library

Gross Floor Area: 8,000㎡
Architect: skimA

Date: Dec2020 - Feb 2021
Status: Proposal

Team: Sejin Kim, Yunseon Cho, Hwieun Ahn, Minhyeon Kang

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