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Public library as a Public space
Contemporary public library no longer merely houses and catalogues books and records. It also provides public access to the internet, computer workstations, recreation facilities such as a café, exhibition spaces, educational programs and even day-care facilities. In many ways, the library has become an appendage of the public space. The library houses multi-faceted and varied programs all under the same roof.

Physical manifestation of libraries
The public library is still a symbol of the power and potential of citizens and it is still a location where people come together and cultural identity is created. Only now it is no longer the exclusive setting for this task of empowerment and enlightenment. Outside the walls of the public library, the same amenities are available, but the library is to become a concentrate of this public space, letting outside within its wall.

Gosan public library
The role of the Gosan library should be expanding as a public space for local community, where it shares and expands their digital based information services and knowledge information, strengthen accessibility in the future with multi functional programs all under the library roof. The library should accommodate programs for the changing functions of public libraries.


The entrance lobby forms with the atrium which connects directly to each functional space; general collection room, children room, culture & lifelong study spaces and lounge on the top. The lobby also links to cafe, information service area on the first level as a common ground. General collection room consists of three levels and most of spaces are day-lit by south facing windows, a glass roof and void space. Floors are detached from the wall in order to allow daylight into the deep space. Children room is spread out in four levels with own circulation. Each level takes own corner; storytelling room, infant corner, children corner and multi cultural data corner from bottom to the top. Multi purpose room is flexible space which can be used as an exhibition space and lecture hall. It’s directly accessible from ground level


Project: VOID IN SOLID - Gosan Public Library
Client: Daegu Architectural Culture Confederation (DACC)
Type: The international competition for the new Daegu Gosan Public Library
Size: 3,100 sqm
Location: Gosan, Daegu, Korea
Architect: skimA
Date: Oct 2012
Status: Design Proposal (Competition Entry)

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