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The project site is located in 5 minutes walking distance from Yeongju train station and at the junction between residential area and commercial district. Although the site is classified and sit on the commercial district, mostly neighboring with single-family houses built in 1970s and made of concrete block. In this context, we focus on the ‘House-Residential’ than ‘Guest house-Commercial’. It will give guests comfortable atmosphere like house within residential blocks while taking the advantage of locating near main commercial road and the station.

Due to the required maximum floor area, design aims to articulate the mass by splitting into two for creating a slot as a corridor space & breaking down the scale, by sliding two volumes for front yard working as a filter from the road while back yard giving a breathing space with neighbors, and by slotting internal space for providing guests with good view to outside, good daylight across the rooms and cross ventilation. Pitched Roof volume with a recess balcony is projected out towards the road to be recognizable for guests.


Client: Private Commission
Type: New Construction
Location: Hyucheon-Dong, Yeongju-Si, South Korea
Architect: skimA
Date: Jan 2016 - Mar 2017
Status: Completion

Team: Sejin Kim, Yunseon Cho

Site Area: 180.30 m²
Gross floor area: 186.09 m²
Height: 8.6 m
Number of floors: 2-Storey Above Ground
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Major materials: Concrete Brick, Stucco


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