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Design Proposal for Folly 2016 organized by The Architectural League of New York and Socrates Sculpture Park


The proposal consists of 3 identical pieces of surface forming dome-like space for the open-air outdoor activities. Functionally, PETALA provides a semi outdoor space where people can be gathering and passing through in conjunction with the existing facilities. The shape of individual surface is smoothly curved from the wall to roof and when 3 surfaces are composed together, it creates a vague image of shape in various viewpoints which can be read as a sculpture in the park. Structurally, each surface is not touching each other’s while it stands on its own by inner steel bars like a leaf veins. The structural is covered by translucent, ptfe-coated glass fibre fabric which allows light through while protect direct sun light and rain from inclement weather and extreme heat in the summer. PETALA aims to create an ambiguous object as well as shelter-space for workshop participants in the Socrates Sculpture Park.



Project: PETALA
Client: The Architectural League of New York and Socrates Sculpture Park
Type: design/build competition
Size: approx. 10m (Diameter), 5m (Height)
Location: Socrates Sculpture Park, New York
Architect: skimA
Date: Jan 2016
Status: Design Proposal Only

Team: Sejin Kim, Seong hoe Song


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