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SPREAD of Seoul MARU 2nd Prize

서울마루 2019 디자인공모 | Seoul MARU 2019 Design Competition

‘SPREAD of Seoul MARU’ proposes a gentle curved roof spread out over the Seoul MARU with deployable panel system to vitalize ‘Seoul MARU’ for various urban activities and events. The silhouette of the proposed roof is slightly floating from the existing straight roof to harmonize together by giving a tension between two and the lightness of temporary. The deployable panels adapt various activities by diverse arrangements with pivoting and pushing-up, and panels are used for exhibitions, information, illuminated colors, and traditional window patterns to make a space lively.


This gentle curved roof is a place to play a role of a square where people can relax, rest, play and enjoy with cultural and artistic activities. The perimeter of panels divides space into ‘마당 (open space)’ and ‘회랑 (cloister) where people circulate by looking at both exhibition panels and surroundings together while ‘마당 (open space)’ keeps its original function and events. The mode can be changed when all deployable panels are pushed up, it allows uninterrupted view across the heart of Seoul. People are able to see the timeline of Seoul from Deoksugung (Chosun) to Seoul city Hall (present). This gentle curved roof is also spread into surroundings. Its reflective material under the roof makes it sit seamlessly within the urban context, reflecting the historic pavement patterns and nearby buildings.


In consideration of fast-track and limited budget, proposal only utilizes 46% of the project area and only 24 slender columns touch the floor for the minimum impact on the existing building as a temporary installation. Lightweight steel is applied for the roof structure as modular approach to make it easy to assemble and dismantle after use.

Project: SPREAD of Seoul MARU | 서울마루 위에 서울을 펼치다
Type: Open International Competition

Host: Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture
Architect: skimA 
Date: July 2019
Status: 2nd Prize

Team: Sejin Kim, Yunseon Cho, SeungJun Jung

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