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TNF Hexagon Route

TNF In-store Brand Experience  - Concept Design


skimA is commissioned to develop TNF In-Store Brand Experience Design for INNORED & TNF. The proposed concept of TNF Hexagon Route, as a permanent campaign in store, will provide an exceptional brand & shopping experience for customers by exploring different way of shopping as a greater buying experience.


In the Hexagon route, the sequence is carefully designed in conjugation with marketing purpose as well as customers’ enjoyable experience like ‘into the unknown’ through a series of all uniquely different hexagon units. The units are systemized and modularized for the flexible use of seasonal changes. By the folding frame structure, intersecting frame and detachable panel system, the units are easily assembled and combined between units generating any kind of configurations. Hexagon Route is where customers can directly share a Brand Vision & have a tangible Products Experience leading to purchasing in store.


Currently, detailed information is not available due to the respect of confidentiality.


Project: TNF Hexagon Route - TNF In-store Brand Experience - Concept Design
Type: Brand Experience Design
Size: Various
Location: TBC
Architect: skimA
Date: June - Sep 2015
Status: Completed Concept Design Phase

Team: Sejin Kim, Seungyoung Oh, Yunseon Cho, Sanghoon Jang



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