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Architectural Design Studio 6 2014

Fall Semester, Department of Architecture at Korea University

(Tutor: Sejin Kim, Seunghyun Kang)


Topic: Building Reuse.

Site: (Former) Yongsan Railway Hospital built in 1929


Course objectives:

The reuse of existing buildings is a topical issue of contemporary architecture. Although this theme has mainly concerned, so far, the Western world, in recent times several Eastern regions, among which Korea, have started to put it on the agenda. The course aims at making students aware of the complexity of this type of intervention, in which technical, economic and cultural issues are involved. The design activity, along with lectures on the main technical and cultural aspects of building reuse, will provide students with practical and theoretical tools to develop a successful project. In their design process, students will be free to choose and explore any possible approach: from total preservation to total transformation of the building.


To sum up, students are required to design ‘Building’ for the REuse of existing building which has Korean cultural & historical context & to develop in detail, especially on technical aspect.

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